A group of companies to satisfy different kind of necessities of our clients

NGM and GMO are two companies that allow us to fulfill our clients’ needs in Italy and abroad with the maximum efficiency and flexibility. We know the markets and technical and administrative requirements for the opening and managing of fashion shops in various European countries.


GMO was grounded in 1999 with the opening of the first shops in Germany.
During the following years the activity has expanded to other European countries enlarging its network of customers and opening subsidiaries in Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland.


NGM, grounded in 2003, runs mono and multibrand shops for luxury brands in department stores and outlets all around Italy.

POOL Holding has a long time experience that strengthens its staff competences and promotes the openings in the major outlets around Europe.
In 2014 we settled in England, in 2015 we opened subsidiaries in Belgium, France, Spain and Ireland, in 2016 we launched new shops in Czech Republic.
Today we are a strong reality in expansion and we work in 12 different countries.

Our team is made of international experts and benefits from the trust of many prestigious clients of the fashion & luxury sector.